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      She knew she was not in a camp, by the intense silence around, and she rightly judged that she had been brought to a hut on one of the deserted claims which were so numerous in the district. When once a claim was deserted, it was not only neglected, but shunned as a place of ill luck. No doubt Simon had taken refuge here from the police. No one was likely to pass in this direction, and no one could approach without giving Simon timely warning. She was a prisoner on this lonely hill, utterly helpless, and in the power of two unscrupulous men. But was she helpless? Her hand closed upon the revolver, and her heart beat with a throb of that spirit which she had breathed into her with the free air of Three Star. She had heard that Simon had gone; there was, therefore, only one man on guard, and this woman who bore her no ill will. She began to think of escape, and her heart beat so fast that she could almost fancy the woman would hear it. She opened her eyes from time to time and looked at the woman, measuring her, as it were, and asking herself whether she was a match for her in strength.The letter brought tears to Esmeraldas eyes. But it did not reach her until she was back in London, and plunged into a whirl of pleasure and gayety.

      At one end of a St. Charles Hotel parlor a group of natty officers stood lightly chatting while they covertly listened. At the other end, with Irby and Mandeville at his two elbows, General Brodnax conversed with Kincaid and Bartleson, the weather-faded red and gray of whose uniforms showed in odd contrast to the smartness all about them.

      Well, he exclaimed, with an oath; if this dont beat anything! How did she come by the iron?


      It is false, false! she said, almost inaudibly; for Lady Adas voice was ringing in her ears and drowning her own. I do not believe you! I know that you do not love me! Nothing you could say could convince menothing, nothing!XXXIV A FREE-GIFT BAZAAR




      The woman shook her head.