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      "By the green wax, but I do! I can never practise my own calling again; and, at any rate, have tried cheating, and lying, and so on, long enoughand what have I got by them?the honestest blockhead in England cannot be worse off than John Oakley! So, as I have said, I shall e'en try what honesty will do! Besides, I owe them something for saving me from the gallows. But I cannot do without drink!and drink, except a beggarly cup of ale or so, is not to be had among themand so, steward, you must give me money.""The work that I strove for has begun, and it will finish; but mine eyes will not live to see that day. From the hour that blood was shed I forsook the cause; but I hid myself from the snares that were laid for me;for I said, surely the light shall yet rise up in darkness! and it has risen; and it will grow brighter and brighter;but John Ball's task is done, and he gives himself up to the death that awaits him."

      "Then git 'em out, you fool! You'll have the whole pl?ace a bonfire in a minnut. Wot's the use of throwing mugs of water lik this? You'll never put them ricks out. S?ave your horses, s?ave your cows, s?ave your poultry. Anyone gone for the firemen?""I'm the Lord's lost lamb," announced Pete.

      He found his daughter in a chair by the window. Her face was puffed and blotched with tears, and her legs would hardly support her when she stood up. She had brought her youngest son with her, a fine sturdy little fellow of fourteen. When Reuben came into the room she gave the boy a glance, and, as at a preconcerted signal, they both fell on their knees.

      Charles Propert, who presently arrived from the kitchen-passage in charge of the boy in buttons, was one of those who well knew his employers generosity, for Keeling in a blunt and shamefaced way had borne all the expense of a long illness which had incapacitated him the previous winter, not only continuing to pay him his salary as head of the book department at the stores during the weeks in which he was invalided, but taking{40} on himself all the charges for medical treatment and sea-side convalescence. He was an exceedingly well-educated man of two or three-and-thirty, and Keeling was far more at ease with him than with any other of his acquaintances, because he frankly enjoyed his society. He could have imagined himself sitting up till midnight talking to young Propert, because he had admitted him into the secret garden: Propert might indeed be described as the head gardener. Keeling nodded as the young man entered, and from under his big eyebrows observed that he was dressed entirely in black.

      Now we will go on with the rest of the shorthand, he said.

      "WhyyesI have, Master Calverley; but in truth I don't like to have any thing to do with her. If she set a spell upon me, I could never do good again. Did not she tell Roger Follett, that if he didn't take care, sooner or later, the gable end of his house would fall? and so, sure enough it did."Thomas Keeling.


      His meditations were soon disturbed by a confused distant noisethen men's voices and the tread of feet, and instantly the latch of the door was raised, the slight fastening gave way, and the intruders rushed into the room beneath.


      Anne was furious when she heard of the invitation.